Thursday 24 May 2012

Celldex Therapeutics-Breast Cancer Drug-Cosmetic Treatment-Dynamic Results

Celldex Therapeutics Breast Cancer Drug Shows Strong Results, But Only In Some Patients

An experimental breast cancer drug being developed by tiny Celldex Therapeutics of Needham., Mass., appeared to show a potent tumor-shrinking effect in four women who had both an especially hard-to-treat form of breast cancer and whose tumors had high levels of the protein targeted by the drug. But the results of the overall study in 122 patients were less impressive. (Source: Healthcare News) read more..

Dermataloge, Now Offering the Latest Photodynamic Cosmetic Treatment,...

Dermataloge is thrilled to be offering Allumera as the latest photodynamic cosmetic treatment that produces dynamic results for timeless skin and offers a new way for women & men to look their...(PRWeb May 23, 2012)Read the full story at (Source: PRWeb: Medical Pharmaceuticals) read more..

Celldex Therapeutics Breast Cancer Drug Shows Strong Results In Some Patients

The drug helps 36% of women with triple negative breast cancer. The problem is that's only 4 women in a 121 patient trial. (Source: Healthcare News) read more..

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