Wednesday 9 May 2012

Loss Of Interest-Scalp Infection-Side Effect-Hair Loss-Tsh

Thyronorm 75 Side Effects

If Taking Thyronorm has side effect and one has to take this medicine for life, do the side effect last forever?
My TSH has dropped from 21 to 14 after taking thryronorm 50 for 2 months, and i am facing severe hair loss, plus scalp infection/ dandruff which led to swelling of lymph nodes, i cant live life like this i need to know will i face this tiredness and loss of interest to exercise all my life ? because even though i was at 21 TSH i was perfectly healthy, height,weight,skin,hair,activity level wise. why should i take the medicine, just tell me if the hairloss/ tiredness/musle pain will be in control after tsh is normal? please reply - Post a Reply read more..

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