Saturday, 12 May 2012

Johnson &Amp; Johnson-Skin Problems-Hysterectomy-Obese Women

Is Combining Hysterectomy and a Tummy Tuck Safe?

FRIDAY, May 11 -- New research suggests that combining two very different surgeries -- a hysterectomy and a tummy tuck -- is relatively safe, with no major complications seen in 65 women who had both procedures at the same time.The rate of... read more..

Weight-Loss Surgery May Also Help Menstruation, Skin, Hair

FRIDAY, May 11 -- Obese women often stop getting their periods, but new research suggests weight-loss surgery can help regulate their monthly cycles, while also stemming excessive hair growth and skin problems that often accompany significant weight... read more..

Happy Mother’s Day from Johnson "Johnson

As both a Johnson & Johnson employee and a mom (I’m the proud parent of a 12-year old daughter), I’m always interested in the work that our company has done and continues to do to improve the lives of women … Continue reading ? read more..

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