Tuesday 31 July 2012

American Council On Exercise-Human Papillomavirus-High Blood Pressure-Cervical Cancer

HPV Test Beats Pap Long-Term: Study

MONDAY, July 30 -- Testing for HPV, the human papillomavirus linked to cervical cancer, can predict which women will stay cancer-free for a decade or more, a new study shows.While both a positive HPV test and an abnormal result on a traditional... read more..

Health Tip: Hiking or Running on a Trail

-- If you're tired of the same running routine and the same old scenery, consider a new hiking or running trial.The American Council on Exercise makes these recommendations before you hit the trail for the first time:Hike a new trail before you... read more..

Health Tip: Managing Workplace Stress

-- No one's job is stress-free. But it's important to curtail workplace stress as much as possible to help quash possible side effects, including weight gain, high blood pressure and increased risk of heart attack.The American Council on Exercise... read more..

Monday 30 July 2012

Kansas City Business Journal-Women

Get to know our Women Who Mean Business

The event honoring these women isn't for another month, so we thought we'd introduce you digitally.Each year, the Kansas City Business Journal recognizes 25 Women Who Mean Business — deserving local women whose accomplishments shine in their businesses and in the community.To gain a little insight, we asked each of them two questions:What advice do you wish you'd been given 10 years ago?What's your favorite restaurant?View the slide show to the right to see how each woman responded.See… (Source: bizjournals.com Health Care:Pharmaceuticals headlines) read more..

Federal Appeals Court-Type 2 Diabetes-Hormone Therapy-Weight Control-American Women

Women May Fare Worse Than Men After Stroke

FRIDAY, July 27 -- Women have a poorer quality of life after a stroke or a ministroke than men, according to Swedish researchers.In the study, 379 stroke patients and 117 transient ischemic attack (TIA), or ministroke, patients answered a... read more..

Weight Control Can Cut Women's Diabetes Risk, Study Shows

FRIDAY, July 27 -- Weight control through diet and exercise can prevent most cases of type 2 diabetes in American women over age 50, a new study finds.Researchers from the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, Mass., analyzed... read more..

Appeals Court Sides With Women Who Took Prempro

From Associated Press (July 27, 2012)LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- A federal appeals court on Thursday sidedwith two women who developed breast cancer after taking the hormonetherapy drug Prempro and sent their cases back for moreproceedings.The 8th... (Source: Drugs.com - Pharma News) read more..

Sunday 29 July 2012

Gynecological Cancer-Endometrial Cancer-Diabetic Women-Sleep-Risk

Poor Sleep Ups Odds for Nursing Home Care, Study Finds

FRIDAY, July 27 -- Getting good-quality sleep could help elderly people stay out of nursing homes, a new study contends.Researchers assessed the sleep quality of nearly 1,700 older women with an average age of 83, and tracked how many were... read more..

Sex Life of Diabetic Women May Suffer

FRIDAY, July 27 -- Sex is less satisfying for middle-aged and older women with diabetes than those without the disease, new research suggests.The University of California, San Francisco, study of nearly 2,300 ethnically diverse women, aged 40 to... read more..

Childbirth After 30 Lowers Risk of Endometrial Cancer: Study

FRIDAY, July 27 -- Women who have their last child after age 30 have a reduced risk of endometrial cancer, according to a new study.Endometrial cancer occurs in the tissue lining the uterus (womb) and is the most common gynecological cancer in the... read more..

Food And Drug Administration-Reduced Calorie Diet-Obese Adults-Diet Drugs-Diet Pills

Qsymia - fat profits?

Fen-Phen problems weigh heavy: Docs wary of diet pills
Despite the Food and Drug Administration's approval of two new diet drugs, Mississippi doctors are wary of prescribing them.
Belviq and Qsymia (pronounced kyoo-SIM-ee-uh and formerly known as Qnexa) are the first diet drugs in more than a decade to be approved by the FDA. However, "it's a general rule that most doctors don't use a new drug until there's a year experience with it," said Dr. Richard deShazo, professor of medicine and pediatrics at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.
Belviq and Qsymia work by suppressing appetite. Both drugs cater only to people who are obese (with a body mass index, or BMI, of 30 or above) or who are overweight (with a BMI of 27 or above) and also have at least one weight-related health condition such as Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one-third of U.S. adults are obese. In Mississippi, seven of 10 adults are overweight or obese.
Qsymia, considered the more effective drug, is a combination of two FDA-approved drugs, phentermine and topiramate. Phentermine is used for short-term weight loss in overweight or obese adults who are exercising and eating a reduced calorie diet. Topiramate is used to treat certain types of seizures in people who have epilepsy and to prevent migraine headaches.
"Qsymia, used responsibly in combination with a healthy lifestyle that includes a reduced-calorie diet and exercise, provides another treatment option for chronic weight management in Americans who are obese or who are overweight and have at least one weight-related comorbid condition," said Dr. Janet Woodock, director of the FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research.
Clinical trial results show patients on Qsymia went from an average 227 pounds to 204 pounds. On Belviq, the average weight dropped from 220 to 207, said Dr. Randy Easterling of River Region Health Center in Vicksburg.
"However, (Qsymia) is not effective without people changing their lifestyle," Easterling said. "I've told my patients if there was a pill that would make you skinny, nobody would be fat."
http://www.clarionledger.com/article/20120728/ACTIVELIVING10/207280314/Fen-Phen-problems-weigh-heavy-Docs-wary-diet-pills?odyssey=mod%7Cnewswell%7Ctext%7CHome%7Cp read more..

Friday 27 July 2012


Does Regular Exercise make the Pellets Dissolve Faster?

I have noticed that the Pellets dissolve completely in less then the 14 week period that is considered normal. After about 10 weeks and I can easily tell they are dissolved both by how I feel and that there is no sign of them under my skin.
I exercise with a fairly high level of intensity for about 1.5 hours a day 6 days a week. I am curious if anyone has heard that high volumes of exercise cause the pellets to dissolve faster. Can't seem to find anything on the internet about it. - Filed in Testopel - 1 Reply read more..

2012 Summer Olympics-Bronchoconstriction-Air Pollution-London Smog

London Smog May Be Tough on Olympians

WEDNESDAY, July 25 -- Air pollution may aggravate breathing problems among athletes with asthma or a related condition known as exercise-induced bronchoconstriction at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, an allergists' group warns."It has been... read more..

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Suicide Prevention-England And Wales-Prevention Policy-Men And Women-Government

CALM - Campaign Against Living Miserably

A quarter of adults have considered suicide
- Suicide is biggest killer of young men in England and Wales[i]
- 30 percent of 25 to 34 year olds have thought about ending their life
- 53 percent of those who considered suicide did so fairly or very seriously
Gender should be at the heart of Government suicide-prevention policy says CALM, which is now expanding its service remit to cover all men
A new YouGov survey from CALM, the Campaign Against Living Miserably, published shortly before the Government is due to launch its new suicide prevention policy, has revealed the scale of suicidal contemplation in England and Wales with as many as one in four people (25 percent) expressing they have considered taking their own life.
CALM welcomes the Government’s commitment to reducing suicide, and the success of work to date in reducing young male suicide. However, 1,110 suicides were completed in 2010 by those under the age of 34, of which 868 (78 percent) were men[ii].
CALM chief executive Jane Powell says: “Our research shows that thinking about suicide is more common than we realise, and that men and women are almost equally liable to feel suicidal. What is significant is that more men actually go on to take their lives[iii].”
Of those who have considered suicide, 53% state that they have thought about it fairly or very seriously, with women (28 percent) more likely to have suicidal thoughts than men (22 percent). However, statistics show that three times as many men as women take their own lives each year.[iv]
The Office for National Statistics figures show that 4,517 people took their lives in England and Wales in 2010 of whom a staggering 75.5 percent (3,411) were men.
Powell continues: “This survey debunks the myth that suicide is only caused by mental illness. Any of us can feel suicidal at some time in our life, but not everyone is able to seek help. What is striking is that even though women are more likely to consider suicide, men find it so much harder to seek help when they hit rock bottom. Gender is the biggest single factor in suicide, so any prevention policy must have gender at its heart.”
Amongst men, the age group most at risk are those aged 45 to 54 (53%). This reflects the fact that suicide rising amongst older men and has led to CALM reassessing its remit.
http://www.thecalmzone.net/2012/07/calm-press-release-a-quarter-of-adults-have-considered-suicide/ read more..

Leukotriene Receptor Antagonist-Symptoms Of Seasonal Allergies-Prescription Medication

What Is Singulair (Montelukast)?

Singulair (montelukast) is a prescription medication for the prevention of asthma attacks for patients aged 12 months or more (adults and children). Montelukast is an LTRA (leukotriene receptor antagonist) which is also used to relieve symptoms of seasonal allergies, as well as preventing exercise-induced bronchospasm in adults and children aged 6 years or more. According to Merck & Co. Inc... read more..

Collegiate Sports Injury-College Athletes-Fitness

Pre-Season Fitness Not a Factor in Collegiate Sports Injury Risk

MONDAY, July 23 -- Levels of pre-season fitness do not predict how quickly college athletes may be injured during the season, but their gender and the type of sport they play do, a new study indicates.Canadian researchers assessed pre-season... read more..

Preschool Tv Habits-Athletic Abilities-Fourth Grade-Preschoolers-Waist Size

Preschool TV Habits Linked to 4th-Grade Waist Size, Fitness

MONDAY, July 16 -- The amount of TV preschoolers watch seems to contribute to what their waist size and athletic abilities will be when they reach fourth grade, researchers report.The study, from researchers at the University of Montreal and... read more..

Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines-Medical Group-Key Elements-Sex Tablet

Medical Group Notes Key Elements of Well-Woman Exams

TUESDAY, July 24 -- Recent cervical cancer screening guidelines say that most women no longer need annual Pap tests, but they still need annual well-woman exams with their obstetrician/gynecologist, according to the American College of Obstetricians... read more..

Sex Tablet Name For Women

iam married five years back. my wife is not so mood in sexy some medicine for that. what is the tablet name for increase immediately sexual mood for womens? - Post a Reply read more..

Diabetes And Heart Disease-Black And White Women-Childhood Abuse-Physical Abuse

Childhood Abuse Linked to Diabetes, Heart Disease in Middle-Aged Women

FRIDAY, July 20 -- Middle-aged women who suffered physical abuse as children may be at increased risk for diabetes and heart disease, a new study suggests.Researchers examined nearly 350 black and white women in the Pittsburgh area who were... read more..

Centers For Disease Control And Prevention-Unintended Pregnancies-Exercise Intensity

More Than a Third of Births 'Unintended': CDC

TUESDAY, July 24 -- More than a third of births in the United States stem from unintended pregnancies, a number that's remained steady in the United States from 1982 to 2010, a new government report indicates.The make-up of women having these... read more..

Need to Get Walking More? Clip on a Pedometer

TUESDAY, July 24 -- Many people say they want to get out and walk or exercise more, but following through is another matter. Now, a study suggests that simply wearing a pedometer can help boost walking rates.The study of more than 300 New Zealand... read more..

Health Tip: Work Out at the Right Intensity

-- Your workouts should challenge you physically, but not to the point of overexertion.So how do you figure out an exercise intensity that's right for you? The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers these guidelines:You should be... read more..

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Cervical Cancer-Risk-HIV

Women With HIV May Not Have Higher Cervical Cancer Risk: Study

MONDAY, July 23 -- Infection with HIV -- the virus that causes AIDS -- does not appear to increase a woman's risk of cervical cancer, a new study has found.Researchers looked at more than 400 HIV-infected women and nearly 300 HIV-free women, all... read more..

Centers For Disease Control And Prevention-Exercise

Health Tip: Do You Need a Day Off From Exercise?

-- While exercise can help you feel better physically and emotionally, it may be wise to skip a day if you aren't feeling well.The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it's a good idea to take the day off from exercising if:You... read more..

Excellent Health-Lower Back Pain-Stressful Jobs-Heart Attacks-Prolia

Stressful Jobs Linked to Heart Woes in Women

THURSDAY, July 19 -- Women with demanding jobs that provide few opportunities to make decisions or use their creativity are at increased risk for heart attacks, according to new research.For the study, researchers analyzed data provided by 22,000... read more..

prolia injection

I received my first prolia shot 3 weeks ago. At first I felt fine. Lately, I have severe leg, arm, and lower back pain. I exercise an hour a day and I am in excellent health. I am wondering if these reactions will ever disappear or lessen. It is exagerated at night in bed. Please let me know if these pains will go away? - Filed in Prolia - 3 Replies read more..

Monday 23 July 2012

Antiretroviral Drugs-Baby In Womb-HIV Drugs

Mom's HIV Drugs May Pass to Baby in Womb, Breast-Feeding

SATURDAY, July 21 -- Babies born to HIV-positive women taking antiretroviral drugs to fight the disease may become exposed to the drugs in the womb and during breast-feeding, new research shows.Hair and blood samples taken from the 3-month-old... read more..

Public Health Issue-Expectant Mothers-Health Insurance-Cervical Cancer-Pregnant Women

1 in 13 Pregnant Women Drink, CDC Says

THURSDAY, July 19 -- Drinking among pregnant women in the United States remains an important public health issue, with almost 8 percent of expectant mothers reporting alcohol use, a new study reveals.Researchers analyzed national data from 2006 to... read more..

Cervical Cancer Spotted Later in Women Without Health Insurance

THURSDAY, July 19 -- Lack of health insurance is a major predictor of whether women will be diagnosed with late-stage cervical cancer, a new study suggests.The analysis of data from nearly 70,000 U.S. women diagnosed with invasive cervical cancer... read more..

Saturday 21 July 2012

Food And Drug Administration-Exercise During Pregnancy-Advanced Breast Cancer-Excessive Weight Gain

Simple Measures May Curb Excessive Weight Gain in Pregnancy

FRIDAY, July 20 -- Healthy eating and low or moderate levels of exercise during pregnancy can help a woman avoid excessive weight gain and may reduce her infant's risk of being overweight or obese later in life, new research indicates.The study... read more..

Afinitor Approved for Advanced Breast Cancer

FRIDAY, July 20 -- Afinitor (everolimus) has been approved in combination with the drug exemestane to treat postmenopausal women with advanced hormone-receptor positive, HER2-negative breast cancer, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said... read more..

FDA Gives Nod to New Breast Cancer Drug

FRIDAY, July 20 -- The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Friday approved the use of the drug Afinitor (everolimus) for use by women with a particular form of advanced breast cancer.It's the first time that a drug from this class of medications,... read more..

Pennsylvania Superior Court-Pennsylvania Supreme Court-Compensatory Damages-Punitive Damages

Pay up Pfizer

Pfizer Must Pay $10.4 Million In Prempro Lawsuit, Court Rules
Pfizer Inc. must pay $10.4 million in damages to a woman who blamed the company’s Prempro menopause drug for her breast cancer, an appeals court said.
Jurors properly awarded Audrey Singleton, who sued Pfizer’s Wyeth unit over Prempro, compensatory and punitive damages over the company’s marketing of the drug, the Pennsylvania Superior Court ruled yesterday. Singleton’s lawyers alleged that Wyeth hid the drug’s health risks and a jury awarded her damages on those claims in 2010.
“Wyeth’s concerted effort to misdirect physicians from the dangers of Prempro illustrates the consciousness that its conduct was not at all reasonable,” the three-judge panel said in upholding the jury’s findings.
More than 6 million women took Prempro and related menopause drugs to treat symptoms including hot flashes and mood swings before a 2002 study highlighted their links to cancer. At one point, Pfizer (PFE) and its units faced more than 10,000 lawsuits over the medications.
Until 1995, many patients combined Premarin, Wyeth’s estrogen-based drug, with progestin-laden Provera, made by Pfizer’s Pharmacia & Upjohn unit. Wyeth combined the two hormones in Prempro. The drugs are still on the market.
Chris Loder, a spokesman for New York-based Pfizer, couldn’t immediately comment yesteday on whether the drugmaker would ask the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to review the award to Singleton.
‘Deliberate Disregard’
Esther Berezofsky, one of Singleton’s lawyers, said she was pleased the intermediate appellate court backed the jury’s finding that Wyeth officials misled patients and doctors about Prempro’s risks.
“The court affirmed that the evidence established Wyeth’s conscious and deliberate disregard for the cancer risk associated with Prempro,” Berezofsky said in an e-mailed statement.
The ruling comes as Pfizer officials are working to settle lawsuits over the menopause drugs. The drugmaker has now settled about 60 percent of the cases over the medicines and paid out $896 million, executives said in May in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The company has set aside an additional $330 million to resolve the remaining cases, according to the filing.
Singleton, a mother of three from Alabama, began taking Prempro in August 1997, according to court filings. The results of a mammogram at that time were normal, her lawyers said during the trial. She stopped taking the drug in January 2004 after her breast cancer diagnosis.
She sued Wyeth, later acquired by Pfizer, in state court in Pennsylvania where the company has extensive operations. A Philadelphia jury awarded her $3.4 million in compensatory damages and $6 million in punitive damages in February 2010. The judge in the case later added almost $1 million in interest to the verdict.
The appellate panel found Singleton’s lawyers presented enough evidence that Wyeth officials downplayed or hid Prempro’s health risks to justify the compensatory award.
Jurors also properly weighed whether Wyeth should be held liable for punitive damages and reasonably concluded “Wyeth’s actions were not justifiable,” the judges said in a 30-page decision.
“There is nothing in the record that illustrates the $6 million punitive damages award was grossly excessively as to shock our sense of justice,” the panel wrote.
The case is Singleton v. Wyeth Inc., 050102885, Court of Common Pleas, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia).
To contact the reporter on this story: Jef Feeley in Philadelphia at jfeeley@bloomberg.net.
To contact the editor responsible for this story: Michael Hytha at mhytha@bloomberg.net
http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-07-21/pfizer-must-pay-10-4-million-in-prempro-lawsuit-court-rules.html? read more..

Friday 20 July 2012

Sex Tablet

Sex Tablet For Women and capsule

sir please tell me women sex tablet ,powder, or other thing because my wife not interested for foreplay with me so please tell which tablet useful for happy sex life and proper use these tablet.
sir please help me.. - 2 Replies read more..

Urinary Incontinence-Smallpox Vaccine-Childless Women-Bavarian Nordic-Pregnant Women

Incontinence Affects Young Childless Women, Too

TUESDAY, July 17 -- Urinary incontinence is often thought of as a problem that occurs after childbirth or in old age, but a new study finds that many young women who have never given birth have the bothersome condition, too.Researchers in... read more..

HIV-positive patients approved for smallpox vax in an emergency

The U.S. government will now allow individuals with HIV to receive Bavarian Nordic's attenuated smallpox vaccine during an emergency, according to a release. Previously, those with HIV--including children, pregnant women and nursing mothers--were ineligible to receive the company's vaccine, Imvamuner. Some smallpox vaccines, stockpiled by the government in case of emergency, can cause problems for individuals who already have weak immune systems from HIV infection or atopic dermatitis. Release read more..

Breast Cancer Treatment-Postmenopausal Women-British Researchers-Obesity

Obesity Might Hinder Treatment of Some Breast Cancers

MONDAY, July 16 -- Being obese may affect a woman's response to breast cancer treatment, a small new study suggests.British researchers looked at 54 postmenopausal women with estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer, meaning that the tumor may... read more..

Mammograms Have 'Limited or No Effect' on Breast Cancer Deaths: Study

Mammograms Have 'Limited or No Effect' on Breast Cancer Deaths: Study

TUESDAY, July 17 -- Regular mammography screening has limited -- if any -- impact on breast cancer deaths, a new evaluation of Swedish women contends."Our analysis found no or limited influence of mammography screening on breast cancer mortality,"... read more..

GlobalGirl Media Brings New Voices to AIDS 2012

GlobalGirl Media Brings New Voices to AIDS 2012
Three HIV+ South Africa Young Women Covering Meeting as Citizen JournalistsNo...

American Dental Association-Oral Hygiene Tips-Dental Visits-Pregnancy

Health Tip: Don't Neglect Oral Hygiene During Pregnancy

-- Regular dental visits during pregnancy are a good idea for most women, the American Dental Association says.The ADA's mouthhealthy.org website offers these oral hygiene tips for moms-to-be:Brush your teeth twice daily using a fluoride... read more..

Thursday 19 July 2012

Alzheimer&Amp;#39;S Disease-Infant Birth Weight-Birth Defects-Breast Cancer-Men And Women

Study Ties Infant Birth Weight to Mothers' Breast Cancer Risk

TUESDAY, July 17 -- Women who give birth to large infants may have a more than twofold increased risk of developing breast cancer, according to a new study.Having a large baby may be associated with higher concentrations of certain pregnancy... read more..

Can a Parent's Job Raise Odds for Birth Defects in Baby?

TUESDAY, July 17 -- Men and women exposed to chemicals in the workplace may be increasing their odds of having an infant with a birth defect, two new studies suggest.In the first report, researchers linked birth defects to fathers who have certain... read more..

Scientists Say Blood Test May Help Predict Alzheimer's

WEDNESDAY, July 18 -- Researchers say they've identified an indicator, or "biomarker," in the blood that may help predict a person's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.For their study, the investigators tested the blood of 99 women, aged 70 to... read more..

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Health Insurance Exchanges-Affordable Care Act-Federal Government-Florida State Flag

Health Insurance Exchange Update: Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Florida State FlagIn an effort to exercise their ability to be the uncooperative partner, 12 senate and 61 House members sent out letters to governors telling them to rebel against the Affordable Care Act. One man in particular is taking this to heart where as some are weighing options and very few are ahead of the curve. 
Florida Gov. Rick Scott stated soon after the health care ruling said he rejected health insurance exchanges. Now the governor has come out and said that he will also not be expanding Medicaid as well according to The New York Times. The governor cites that the state will have too much of a burden expanding Medicaid for his citizens. Even though the government will cover all costs for new people under Medicaid from 2014 to 2016, he believes that after those three years the tax payers will have the burden of paying a substantial amount. But there are some who have begun to critique what exactly Scott said while making his rounds on national television. Whether it is from the amount of money Florida will pay to the idea or rationing of the health care, there are some regarding his comments as false on off base with what the health care law actually does. 
North Dakota is one of 36 states that must decide whether or not to take the lead in creating health insurance exchanges, according to the Jamestown Sun. Their legislator decided to have the federal government lead them in establishing exchanges. Under the current deadlines, North Dakota may not have enough time unless they receive conditional approval from the government. Blue Cross Shield of North Dakota are exploring the possibility of having a standby template incase the government offers an extension. But if the state is not offered an extension, then the state will have to use the federal government’s exchange program. 
Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey is deciding whether or not he will also use the federal government in order to set up exchanges, claiming that this would be good for the state. He has also mentioned that Medicaid in New Jersey is already inclusive and that the federal government should give money to states for Medicaid with no strings attached, according to NECN.
Taking the initiative into his own hands, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo decided to use an executive order in order to comply with the health care law back in April. Now they are one of the few states ready for when most of health care law goes into act in 2014. Of the 2.7 million people who are uninsured, 1 million will be able for exchanges, 700,000 are immigrants who will not be covered and the remainder will receive Medicaid coverage according to Democrat and Chronicle.
This November, the Health Insurance Exchange Congress will be held November 13-14, 2012 in Chicago, IL.  Here, state officials and health plans with the only opportunity to come together to discuss PPACA and strategize on how to make this a successful opportunity for all.  For more information on this year's agenda, download the program here.  As a reader of this blog, when you register to join us and mention code XP1710BLOG, you'll receive 15% off the standard rate! read more..

Sunday 15 July 2012

Food Safety Modernization Act-Preventive Controls-Ricardo Carvajal-Provisions-Fsma

It’s Official – FDA States Intention to Exercise Enforcement Discretion for Key FSMA Provisions

By Ricardo Carvajal -In several letters issued to trade associations on June 18th (for an example, see here), FDA stated that it “will expect to enforce compliance” with the preventive controls provision in section 103 of the Food Safety Modernization Act ("FSMA") and the foreign supplier verification provision in FSMA section 301 “in timeframes that will be described in the final rules.”  Given that the proposed rules for those provisions have yet to publish, it is clear that industry will have substantial additional time to come into compliance with the requirements in those provisions.  However, that time will not be unlimited.  If the delay in publication of proposed and final rules proves too protracted, consumer advocates can be expected to put FDA’s feet to the fire. read more..

Human Papillomavirus-Gardasil Vaccine-Hpv Vaccinations-Cervical Cancer-Hpv Infections

Australia backs plan to give HPV vax Gardasil to boys

For the first time, boys in Australia will receive the Gardasil vaccine, a series of shots typically given to high school-aged girls to prevent human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, which can lead to cervical cancer.Under Australia's National Immunisation Program, boys ages 12 and 13 will get the three-round dose of the vaccine from U.S. drug giant Merck ($MRK). The program for boys is expected to cost $21.1 million over four years and include 870,000 vaccinations, along with an information campaign, a vaccine register and monitoring of adverse reactions, according to ABC News. This is all good news for Merck, which could greatly expand the market for Gardasil if other governments follow Australia's lead and pay for males to get the vaccine. 
"It is estimated that a quarter of new infections will be avoided by extending the vaccine to boys," said Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek.Australia leads the way in vaccinating boys; many health experts for years campaigned to broaden the vaccine to males in their first year of high school. HPV infections hit both males and females, and spreads during sex. In recent years researchers have linked a growing number of cancer in men to the virus. Vaccinating both men and women will impact prevalence of anal, penile, vaginal and vulvar cancers, said Steve Hambleton, the president of the Australian Medical Association, as quoted by ABC.Stateside, about 20 million Americans are currently infected with HPV, according to data from National Institutes of Health. About 6 million more get infected each year. In related news, ABC reported a study that found that HPV vaccinations have reduced the risk of infection even in women who don't get the vaccine, a phenomenon known as herd immunity. 
- read the ABC News story about the male vaccinations
Related Articles:
New HPV vax could treat cancer rather than prevent it
Controversy halts HPV vax trial in India
Vaccines group in HPV price talks with Merck, GSK read more..

Saturday 14 July 2012

Uninsured Women-American Women-Exercise-Tablets-Doctor

20% of U.S. Women Uninsured in 2010, Up From 15% in 2000: Report

FRIDAY, July 13 -- Twenty percent of American women had no health insurance in 2010, up from 15 percent in 2000, a new report reveals.In addition to the nearly 19 million uninsured women, another 17 million women were underinsured in 2010,... read more..

Cetapin 500 Mg

I am 22,female.i have gained 6 kg of weight from last year.Presently i am 67kg and doctor suggests i am overweight. He prescribed exercise ,diet and two tablets of cetapin xr 500mg,one after breakfast and one after dinner. He never asked for any test for diabetes but only asked if it is there in my family. None of my parents have it,but my uncle has. Can u please help? am i diabetic? or can this medicine be prescribed only for excess weight?? - Post a Reply read more..

Acute Respiratory Infections-Meditation-Exercise

Exercise, Meditation Can Beat Back Cold, Flu, Study Finds

THURSDAY, July 12 -- New research suggests that regular exercise or meditation may be among the best ways to reduce acute respiratory infections.A small study of 149 active and sedentary adults aged 50 years and older compared the preventive... read more..

Personal Care Products-Psychological Stress-Beauty Products-Chemicals-Diabetes

Phobic Anxiety May Link to Premature Aging

FRIDAY, July 13 -- People suffering from a common form of psychological stress known as phobic anxiety may also experience premature aging, new research suggests.For the study, scientists looked at telomere length in more than 5,200 women, aged 42... read more..

Study Ties Chemicals in Beauty Products to Women's Diabetes Risk

FRIDAY, July 13 -- Chemicals in beauty and personal care products may boost women's risk of diabetes, a new study suggests, although the authors cautioned that the finding is far from conclusive.Researchers found that elevated concentrations of... read more..

Obese Mothers-Obese Women

Babies Born to Obese Mothers May Have Low Iron: Study

THURSDAY, July 12 -- Obese women who become pregnant may give birth to babies with low levels of iron, a new study reveals.The findings suggest that overproduction of an iron-regulating hormone, known as hepcidin, can interfere with the transfer... read more..

Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate-Market Exclusivity-The Orphan Drug-Preterm Birth

FDA Sued for Abrogating MAKENA Orphan Drug Exclusivity; Suit Alleges that FDA is Turning a Blind Eye to Compounded 17P and Bowing to Political Pressure

By Kurt R. Karst –      In a rare lawsuit against FDA involving the Orphan Drug Act of 1983, as amended, K-V Pharmaceutical Company (“KV”) and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Ther-Rx Corporation (“Ther-Rx”), filed a Complaint and a Motion for Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia last week.  The Plaintiffs are seeking temporary, preliminary, and permanent declaratory and injunctive relief to “restore” Plaintiffs’ orphan drug exclusivity for MAKENA (hydroxyprogesterone caproate) Injection, 250 mg/mL. FDA approved MAKENA on February 3, 2011 under NDA No. 021945 “to reduce the risk of preterm birth in women with a singleton pregnancy who have a history of singleton spontaneous preterm birth.”  Because FDA had previously designated MAKENA (formerly known as GESTIVA) as an orphan drug for the approved indication, the Agency granted KV a period of 7-year orphan drug exclusivity that expires on February 3, 2018.  (On the same day that FDA approved MAKENA, the Agency denied a Citizen Petition – Docket No. FDA-2007-P-0051 – requesting that FDA revoke the orphan drug designation.)  Orphan drug exclusivity prevents FDA from approving another company’s version of the “same drug” for the same disease or condition for 7 years, unless the subsequent drug is different from the approved orphan drug, or because the sponsor of the first approved product either cannot assure the availability of sufficient quantities of the drug or consents to the approval of other applications. For several years, hydroxyprogesterone caproate injection, also known as “17p,” has been made available to women at risk of preterm birth by compounding pharmacies that compound the drug.  In some cases, product is reportedly imported into the U.S.  FDA’s policy (see Compliance Policy Guide 460.200), issued in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s April 2002 decision in Thompson v. Western States Medical Center, 535 U.S. 357 (2002) striking down as unconstitutional certain provisions of FDC Act § 503A concerning pharmacy compounding, is generally not to permit pharmacy compounding of drugs that are commercially available and approved by FDA. Nevertheless, in a move that stunned many (including us – see here and here), FDA issued a press release on March 30, 2011 stating, in relevant part, that “[i]n order to support access to this important drug, at this time and under this unique situation, FDA does not intend to take enforcement action against pharmacies that compound hydroxyprogesterone caproate based on a valid prescription for an individually identified patient unless the compounded products are unsafe, of substandard quality, or are not being compounded in accordance with appropriate standards for compounding sterile products.”  Within hours of FDA issuing its press release (referred to by Plaintiffs as the “Statement”), the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (“CMS”) issued its own statement informing States and Medicaid payers that they “can choose to pay for the extemporaneously compounded hydroxyprogesterone caproate” notwithstanding the availability of MAKENA.  The FDA and CMS statements followed some controversy concerning the price of MAKENA that sparked interest from some members of Congress. FDA issued further public statements on MAKENA on November 8, 2011 and June 15, 2012 (here and here), and CMS issued an updated statement on June 15, 2012 in light of some analyses conducted on compounded 17p.  FDA also issued a “Questions and Answers” document on June 29, 2012 discussing the Agency’s risk-based approach to enforcement action against compounding pharmacies and with respect to compounded 17p.  Plaintiffs allege in their Complaint, however, that “[n]one of these statements has announced an intent to take enforcement action against unlawful compounded 17P that is not customized to meet the special needs of individual patients who have the condition for which Makena, a drug that ha read more..

Friday 13 July 2012


Methadone stopped my periods

Can any of the women out there tell me if taking methadone stopped thier periods? I have been on methadone for 4 years now and as soon as I went over 35mg it completely stopped and It has not come back since. I am on 60mg now. I did get lowered to 30 mg at one time years ago and it started right up again. Does anyone know if this might be dangerous? I have asked my doctor at the meth clinic and she stated its nothing to be concerned about because I wanted to know if I should be taking something to make it start and she said no, but for some reason it seems that it just does not sound good for a natural process to stop like that and not have it do any harm. Any feedback would be appreciated. - Filed in Methadone - 42 Replies read more..

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing-Plant Expansion-Pharma Company-Puerto Rican

Bristol-Myers expanding again in Puerto Rico

Bristol-Myers Squibb ($BMY) is again beefing up its manufacturing operations in Puerto Rico, this time to increase capacity for producing cardiovascular and Type 2 diabetes drugs.The Big Pharma company will lay out $165 million to expand its Humacao plant. Bristol-Myers will start with the addition of 82,000 square feet of new manufacturing space, and then follow up by renovating 83,150 square feet of existing space. The company will add 100 new jobs once the project finishes in 2016.Despite recent layoffs and regulatory scrutiny of manufacturing on the Caribbean island, Bristol-Myers likes it for manufacturing. "Puerto Rico's highly skilled workforce has contributed significantly to our existing operation and plays an important role in our company's future growth," said Ricardo Zayas, senior vice president of pharmaceutical manufacturing, in a statement.Reports of low-quality operations have painted a poor picture of some Puerto Rican drug manufacturing in recent years. GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK), Pfizer ($PFE), and Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ), in addition to BMS, have all had problems there. In 2007, BMS and GSK shuttered Puerto Rican plants, laying off hundreds in the process. Two years ago, Bristol-Myers had a run-in with the FDA over poor manufacturing practices at its Manati plant, which it resolved last summer.The Humacao expansion marks the second significant project for Bristol-Myers on the island. In 2009, it spent $200 million to expand its Manati facility.- here's the Bristol-Myers statementRelated Articles:
Bristol-Myers plots $165M plant expansion in Puerto Rico
Study: Quality problems more common at offshore plants
Lawmakers question FDA oversight of P.R. plants read more..

Wednesday 11 July 2012

International Experts-Rheumatoid Arthritis-Alcoholic Beverages-Figo World Congress

Moderate Drinking May Cut Women's Odds for Rheumatoid Arthritis: Study

TUESDAY, July 10 -- Drinking more than three alcoholic beverages a week for at least 10 years may halve a woman's risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis, according to a large new study from Sweden.The findings, which appear online July 10 in the... read more..

XX FIGO World Congress: A Rewarding Scientific Exchange in Global Women's Health

ROME, July 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --"Rome, a major world centre for Renaissance, will witness renaissance in women's and newborns' health with this unique gathering of international experts, including the finest scientists and speakers, sharing leading-edge knowledge on technology,... read more..

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Symptoms Of Menopause-Medical Groups

Medical Groups Agree on Use of Hormone-Replacement Therapy

MONDAY, July 9 -- A coalition of leading medical groups has concluded that hormone-replacement therapy can be useful and safe for many women suffering from the symptoms of menopause.The coalition includes 15 medical groups, including the North... read more..

American Academy Of Family Physicians-Human Papillomavirus Vaccine-Urinary Tract Infections

HPV Vaccine Reducing Infections, Even Among Unvaccinated: Study

MONDAY, July 9 -- Even among unvaccinated girls and young women, the human papillomavirus vaccine is reducing infections of certain strains of the virus known to cause genital warts and cervical cancer, new research finds.The study is among the... read more..

More Proof Cranberry Juice Thwarts Infection

MONDAY, July 9 -- Cranberry juice and cranberry supplements really do help prevent urinary tract infections, a new study confirms.As many as 50 percent of women will develop at least one urinary tract infection in their lifetime, and up to 30... read more..

Health Tip: Be a Safe Biker

-- Though biking is great exercise, and can keep you in shape and help you lose weight, you should still take precautions to help prevent injury.The American Academy of Family Physicians offers these safety tips for cyclists:Protect your eyes... read more..

Monday 9 July 2012

Interchangeability-Biologic Products-Fda Guidance-Cost Savings-Biosimilars

How much cheaper will biosimilars be?

By Peyton HowellThe pharma industry has begun a new chapter of the biosimilars story. We now have much-anticipated guidance from the FDA on what the approval pathway will look like, what evidence can be used from a branded innovator, and a sense of how cumbersome the approval process might be for manufacturers of biosimilars. Based on the guidance, the process of bringing a biosimilar to market will likely require many of the strategies used to bring a branded product to market, which will impact the commercialization of the products and likely reduce potential cost savings. The explosive growth in the costs associated with pharmaceuticals, particularly highly complex specialty products, continues to be a significant barrier to curbing overall healthcare spending in the United States. As such, biosimilars are expected to decrease or at least control rising pharmaceutical expenditures by offering considerable savings for high-cost biologic products. According to the Congressional Budget Office, biosimilars are expected to save $13 billion over the next 10 years. Initially, from the payer perspective, biosimilars were expected to generate 30% to 40% savings; however, as the complexity of bringing biosimilars to market continues to be discussed, more recent data suggest that most payers anticipate a biosimilar will come in between 10% to 20% less than the cost of the branded manufacturer. In Europe, we know that biosimilars have often been just a 10% discount from the brand. Figure 1 illustrates trending payer opinions based on Xcenda's proprietary research with advisers who participate in a managed care network. There has been a significant shift from payer perception on savings between 2010 and 2011.The premise of biosimilar cost savings is that the FDA approval pathway is significantly less arduous than that of a branded biologic. In November 2010, the FDA held a public meeting on biosimilars, which included representatives from both branded and generic manufacturers. Not surprisingly, branded manufacturers cited the need for independent evidence and strong data to support approval by the FDA. On the contrary, generic and potential biosimilar manufacturers identified that the purpose of such a pathway is to ensure products can be approved based on innovator data and in a reduced time frame to improve access to lower-cost products.On Feb. 9, the FDA released the first substantive information since the passage of the ACA in the form of three guidance documents that provide some insight into the approval pathway for biosimilars. These regulatory guidances suggested some wins for biosimilar manufacturers, as the FDA clarified that some ex-U.S. and branded innovator data can be used to support a biosimilar application for approval. Additionally, the FDA suggested that biosimilar manufacturers will be allowed to extrapolate innovator data to support the approval of all indications the branded product is approved for. While these may reduce the overall resources required to bring a biosimilar to market, there were other aspects of the guidance that were not as favorable to these stakeholders. For example, the FDA discussed some methodological approaches to examine interchangeability; however, the guidance suggests that the FDA does not believe the current technology is evolved enough to truly establish interchangeability. While these documents provide some clarity from the FDA regarding evidence aspects of the approval pathway, the lingering issue with interchangeability may prove to be a barrier for biosimilar manufacturers from the utilization and payer management perspectives. Based on Xcenda research, in order to require an existing patient to switch to a biosimilar:-- Payers will want to see greater than a 40% cost savings (see Figure 2) for an existing patient to require a switch-- Interchangeability will be a key factor in requiring a switch-- The savings is lower for a new start patient (21% to 30%), indicating that read more..

Information Seekers-Intouch-Epharma-Soul

An all-new intouchsol and a brand-new Intouch Soul

If there is anything I’ve learned by launching this blog over two years ago and being outspoken in the ePharma community, it’s that there are a lot of amazing people that care about pharma marketing, and they care for the right reasons. I was recently reminded again of that by attending a Social Media for Pharma conference in D.C. last week, where I saw several familiar faces and met many new interesting ones as well.
But the other thing about this ePharma community is that — in many ways — we are similar to the patients with which we’re trying to connect: We are voracious information seekers online. We are constantly reading, linking, tweeting, blogging, meeting, connecting, debating, discussing, and learning. And the amount of resources through which to do these things is growing and ever-evolving.
I’ve had a lot to say on ePharma Rx over the past few years, and I hope some of it has been of value to you, my readers. But ePharma Rx is not just about me. In the past I’ve featured guest bloggers, and often I quote my colleagues. I learn from them daily, and their intellect goes deep. They offer different perspectives; many are experts in their own fields. Often it was them who inspired the posts that appeared here on ePharma Rx over the years.
A New Intouch Soul
So I’m happy to announce a new outlet for my colleagues' own thoughts, opinions and contributions and a new resource for you information seekers — our new agency blog — Intouch Soul.
With Intouch Soul, we're giving other voices a place to be heard ... They are the "soul" of our agency, each with a unique voice. And they are filled with inspiring, innovative ideas that I expect will steer the future of this industry. Whether discussing marketing or the pharma industry — or something completely off-topic, as they'll do now and then — you'll find them there discussing what inspires them, drives them, and fuels their creativity.
A New IntouchSol
When you visit Intouch Soul you’ll see it's housed within our larger (shiny! new!) agency website, http://www.intouchsol.com/. Our approach with the redesigned intouchsol.com was to create a showpiece for what the agency offers. User-centric design? Check. Innovative technologies? Check. Deep content, and the latest in emerging media? Check. Check.
The website focuses on sharing the knowledge and insights Intouch has gained from more than a decade of leadership in pharmaceutical and health care marketing.
With both the Intouch Soul blog and the website, we had a lot of fun doing all the things many of our regulated clients cannot.
And yes - it's mobile optimized! >>>>
Sorry - you're still stuck with me and ePharma Rx. You’ll still see me blogging here, but you’ll see me over there, too, along with a variety of new faces and voices I can't wait for you to meet.
When you have a minute, check out the new blog and the new website, plus these additional resources:
> Website press release
> Blog welcome post
Thanks for caring and endulging me this bit of propagada. And, as always,we're excited to hear your feedback! read more..

Sunday 8 July 2012

Fda Inspection Report-Adult Stem Cells-Banking Company-Manufacturing

Serious manufacturing issues found at Celltex facility

An FDA inspection report for Texas stem cell banking company Celltex includes a long list of manufacturing and lab problems, but the company says it is more a problem of language than cGMPs.The 483 report says that during its April inspection at the Sugarland, TX, facility, the FDA discovered a lengthy list of issues, from failing to make sure the treatments produced there are sterile to labeling problems and whether the products contained the viable stem cells they are supposed to, reports in-Pharma Technologist. Inspectors found a bottle whose English-language label indicted it was a manufacturing reagent but it also had a Korean label that indicated it contained a cleaning or sanitizing product.Celltex, which provides adult stem cell banking and multiplication services, previously has been criticized for allegedly providing adult stem cells for illegal use in humans. In March Bioethicist Glenn McGee resigned from his post at stem cell company after just three months. McGee, founder of The American Journal of Bioethics, took flak from his peers in the bioethics community over his taking the position at Celltex while still serving as an editor for the journal.The company issued a statement last week that it has worked "closely with the FDA--both during its visit and since--to provide requested details and documentation to answer its questions," in-Pharma Tecnologist reports. "We have resolved many of the FDA observations, and we are working to address the remainder. We have an open line of communication with the FDA and expect to maintain that in our cooperative relationship."  The company laid many of the problems off to the fact that the lab is run by its licensing partner RNL Bio with technicians and scientists from RNL's Seoul, Korea, headquarters, in-Pharma Technologist says.- read the in-Pharma Technologist story
- here's the the FDA inspection report
Related Article:
Bioethicist quits job at controversial stem cell outfit read more..

Corporate Integrity Agreement-Manufacturing Processes-Gsk

Settlement unveils fed's leash on Glaxo manufacturing

For the last two years leading up to last week's extensive settlement with U.S. authorities, GlaxoSmithKline ($GSK) already has been operating under an agreement that gives the Office of Inspector General in the Department of Health and Human Services broad authority over its manufacturing processes. The requirements are in addition to any company's usual obligations to the FDA and the agreement lays out a financial price tag if the U.K. company runs afoul of it.The provisions of the agreement are tied to deep problems at GSK's Cidra, Puerto Rico plant, which was closed in 2009. The problems, which included using tainted water in processes and mixing products in packaging, came to light  in the whistleblower lawsuit brought by Cheryl Eckard, a former quality assurance manager with GSK. In October 2010, GSK agreed to pay the government $750 million to settle civil and criminal charges that it manufactured and sold adulterated drug products to Medicaid and other government health plans. The details of the compliance program have now been made public and became Appendix D to the Corporate Integrity Agreement GSK signed as part of its $3 billion settlement announced last week."This is the first time that the government, as part of a Corporate Integrity Agreement, has required a pharma company to establish a formal program to provide ongoing oversight, including Board oversight, of product released to the market to ensure that it is not adulterated," Lesley Ann Skillen, a partner in the law firm of Getnick & Getnick, who settled a related whistleblower case against Glaxo in 2010, says in an email.The oversight program is run through the "Global Manufacturing and Supply business unit" (GMS) and essentially applies to all of its manufacturing operations and employees globally. It is centered at GSK's plant in Zebulon, NC, because employees there "are responsible for the release and post-release management of all Covered Products" manufactured by the company.The program establishes a code of conduct, which employees are schooled in and must sign. It is overseen by a "GMS compliance officer" that can't be the CFO or the General Counsel of the company or subordinate to them. The compliance officer and the president of the GMS unit are the co-chairs of a compliance committee that meets quarterly to make sure the company is meeting all of its obligations. They report at least quarterly to the GSK board of directors. Board members then must sign agreements that are sent to the inspector general that the company is complying with all cGMP requirements or explain why not. The agreement also permits the FDA to complain to the inspector general if the agency believes GSK is not adequately responding to its directives.The Cidra plant was closed in 2009, 7 years after Eckard first complained to her superiors about a host of problems. In an interview last year with CBS 60 Minutes, Eckard said, "All the systems were broken, the facility was broken, the equipment was broken, the processes were broken. It was the worst thing I had run across in my career." She said tainted water was used in manufacturing, production lines were turning out too-potent or not-potent-enough drugs, employees were contaminating products and different medications were packed into the same bottles.In her email, Skillen points out, "When Cheryl Eckard reported her concerns about the Cidra plant to the compliance department in 2003, they covered it up. If GSK were to do that now, it could face exclusion from Medicare and Medicaid under this CIA. That should provide a powerful incentive for GSK to do heed warnings they receive from their own employees. That's why it's an important document for GSK and an object lesson for the industry: ignore whistleblowers at your peril."The GSK agreement may have served as a blueprint for the 5-year consent decree that Ranbaxy Laboratories announced earlier this year to settle manufacturing and data reporting problems found at three o read more..

Friday 6 July 2012

Menopausal Hot Flashes-Preventive Approach-Women

Exercise Might Keep Menopausal Hot Flashes at Bay

TUESDAY, July 3 -- For women experiencing menopausal hot flashes, a new study may offer a helpful preventive approach. The researchers found that most women who exercised had fewer hot flashes for 24 hours afterwards."For women with mild to... read more..

Oregon State University-Couch Potatoes-Young Children

Parents Key to Whether Kids Get Enough Exercise, Studies Find

THURSDAY, July 5 -- Parents play a major role in whether their young children are active or become "couch potatoes," according to two new studies.In one study, Oregon State University researchers looked at 200 families with children ages 2 to 4 to... read more..

Hot Flashes Don't Signal Poor Heart Health for Most Women: Study

Hot Flashes Don't Signal Poor Heart Health for Most Women: Study

FRIDAY, June 29 -- The hot flashes that bedevil so many women as they enter menopause don't appear to be linked to poorer heart health, new research suggests.The exception to that finding may be if hot flashes persist for many years after the... read more..

Shorter Arms May Explain Why Women Need Glasses Sooner Than Men

FRIDAY, June 29 -- The reason why women tend to need reading glasses sooner than men has been unclear, but a new report may shed light on the issue.Researchers say it isn't because eyesight starts to deteriorate earlier in women than in men.... read more..

International Units-Swiss Researchers-Hip Fractures-Fracture Risk

Higher Doses of Vitamin D Prevent Fractures in Older Women

WEDNESDAY, July 4 -- In the latest study to look at the effect of vitamin D on fracture risk, Swiss researchers found that taking more than 800 international units (IU) of vitamin D daily could reduce the risk of hip fractures in older women by 30... read more..

Preventive Services Task Force-American Council On Exercise-Routine Mammograms-Hot Weather

U.S. Mammography Rates Drop Following Task Force Recommendations

THURSDAY, June 28 -- The number of women in their 40s getting routine mammograms has dropped since the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force advised against regular screenings for women in this age group, according to a new study.Researchers from... read more..

Use Caution When Exercising in Hot Weather

SATURDAY, June 30 -- During hot weather, people who exercise outdoors need to take steps to avoid heat injury, according to the American Council on Exercise.Staying hydrated is essential, and can be accomplished by drinking a large amount of fluids... read more..

Thursday 5 July 2012

Amylin Pharmaceuticals-Bristol-Myers Squibb-Diabetes Drugs

AZBMS Matt Herper explains

Why Bristol And Astra Teamed Up To Buy Amylin In Unique $7 Billion Deal
Two of the worlds largest drug giants are teaming up to buy a smaller rival to get access to its once-a-week diabetes shot.
Technically speaking, New York‘s Bristol-Myers Squibb is spending $5.3 billion to purchase Amylin Pharmaceuticals, maker of the diabetes drugs Byetta and Bydureon, plus another $1.7 billion in debt and to fulfill a contractual obligation to Eli Lilly, which was Amylin’s former partner. In a twist, London-based AstraZeneca will pay $3.5 billion, or half the total payment price, for 50% of the profits from Amylin’s drugs and plans to exercise an option that will give them a 50% share in deciding how Amylin’s existing and experimental drugs are managed. read more..

Alison Sweeney-Picky Eater-Mindbody-Keynote

Health Tip: Encouraging a Picky Eater

-- If your child is a picky eater, there's a good chance that it's an early attempt to exercise control, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says.Here's how you can placate your picky eater while getting him or her to munch on more nutritious... read more..

Alison Sweeney to Provide Keynote at MINDBODY FitPro

Alison Sweeney to Provide Keynote at MINDBODY FitPro
Host of reality series "The Biggest Loser" headlines fitness b... read more..

Fetal Growth Restriction-Heart Problems-Abnormal Heart-Small Babies

Small Babies Can Be Sign of Heart Problems in Mother

THURSDAY, June 28 -- Women who give birth to small babies may have abnormal heart function and be at risk for long-term heart problems, researchers report.The study involved 29 women with a condition known as fetal growth restriction (when fetuses... read more..

Dutch Researchers Report-Butyl Benzyl Phthalate-Household Chemical-Prenatal Exposure

Prenatal Exposure to Common Household Chemical Linked to Eczema

WEDNESDAY, June 27 -- Babies born to women who were exposed to the common household chemical butyl benzyl phthalate (BBzP) during pregnancy are at greater risk for childhood eczema, new research suggests.BBzP is used in vinyl flooring, artificial... read more..

Standing at Work All Day While Pregnant Linked to Smaller Babies

WEDNESDAY, June 27 -- Standing for long periods of time or working more than 40 hours a week while pregnant may affect the baby's development, Dutch researchers report.In the new study, women who had jobs in sales, child care and teaching, which... read more..

Muscle Mass Linked to Bone Health in Some Parts of Body

THURSDAY, June 28 -- The health of muscles and bones are interlinked in certain areas of the body, and there are distinct differences between women and men, a new study says.The findings could be used to improve identification of people at... read more..

Sunday 1 July 2012

Weaning off pristiq

Weaning off pristiq

I just wanted to tell all of you trying to get off pristiq, its possible. I was on pristiq for severe panic attacks for 6 months. It saved my life. It gave me a chance to slow down my career, gave me a huge wakeup call. This drug put a cloud over my brain. I was not my happy, fun loving self. I was like a step ford wife. You cant wean off this pill. I was on 50mg. I did every other day for a month. Every third day for two weeks then cold turkey. It really was not so bad. I layer on my couch for three days, cried a bit and watched movies. I'm happily on all holistic medications, no longer a slave to pristiq. If I can beat anxiety, anyone can. My biggest advice.. Exercise. Next, surround yourself with positive people. Three, talk out your problems. Good luck. - Filed in Pristiq - 9 Replies read more..

Scottish Researchers-Vaccination Program-Pandemic Influenza-H1n1 Flu Virus-Swine Flu

Swine flu shots a success for Scotland

A swine flu (H1N1) pandemic swept the globe in 2009, reaching the U.K. in April 2009. The first infections in the U.K. were brought in by travelers from Mexico. By July 2, 2009, there had been 28,456 cases in the U.K. overall, and 6450 in Scotland. As a result of this, the Scottish authorities put a vaccination program in place for pandemic H1N1 2009 in October 2009, and a team of Scottish researchers have assessed its effectiveness in a paper published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases.The researchers looked at records from primary case and hospitals, as well as death certificates and virological swabs. They concluded that the vaccination program protected against pandemic influenza, as 77% of the people who had been vaccinated avoided infection with H1N1. The vaccine also cut the numbers of flu-related hospital admissions by 20%, as well as reducing the numbers of deaths."Our findings help strengthen the international evidence base for the effectiveness of H1N1 vaccination programs and the future distribution of pandemic influenza vaccines," said lead author Colin Simpson of the University of Edinburgh. "However, despite the best efforts to encourage the most vulnerable to be vaccinated, there were low rates of uptake in the very young and pregnant women who were most susceptible to the pandemic."If these techniques could be used to monitor vaccine uptake and effects in real time, this could help authorities and healthcare providers to distribute vaccines more effectively and efficiently.- read the press release
- see the abstractRelated Articles:
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