Saturday, 14 July 2012

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20% of U.S. Women Uninsured in 2010, Up From 15% in 2000: Report

FRIDAY, July 13 -- Twenty percent of American women had no health insurance in 2010, up from 15 percent in 2000, a new report reveals.In addition to the nearly 19 million uninsured women, another 17 million women were underinsured in 2010,... read more..

Cetapin 500 Mg

I am 22,female.i have gained 6 kg of weight from last year.Presently i am 67kg and doctor suggests i am overweight. He prescribed exercise ,diet and two tablets of cetapin xr 500mg,one after breakfast and one after dinner. He never asked for any test for diabetes but only asked if it is there in my family. None of my parents have it,but my uncle has. Can u please help? am i diabetic? or can this medicine be prescribed only for excess weight?? - Post a Reply read more..

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