Monday, 9 July 2012

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An all-new intouchsol and a brand-new Intouch Soul

If there is anything I’ve learned by launching this blog over two years ago and being outspoken in the ePharma community, it’s that there are a lot of amazing people that care about pharma marketing, and they care for the right reasons. I was recently reminded again of that by attending a Social Media for Pharma conference in D.C. last week, where I saw several familiar faces and met many new interesting ones as well.
But the other thing about this ePharma community is that — in many ways — we are similar to the patients with which we’re trying to connect: We are voracious information seekers online. We are constantly reading, linking, tweeting, blogging, meeting, connecting, debating, discussing, and learning. And the amount of resources through which to do these things is growing and ever-evolving.
I’ve had a lot to say on ePharma Rx over the past few years, and I hope some of it has been of value to you, my readers. But ePharma Rx is not just about me. In the past I’ve featured guest bloggers, and often I quote my colleagues. I learn from them daily, and their intellect goes deep. They offer different perspectives; many are experts in their own fields. Often it was them who inspired the posts that appeared here on ePharma Rx over the years.
A New Intouch Soul
So I’m happy to announce a new outlet for my colleagues' own thoughts, opinions and contributions and a new resource for you information seekers — our new agency blog — Intouch Soul.
With Intouch Soul, we're giving other voices a place to be heard ... They are the "soul" of our agency, each with a unique voice. And they are filled with inspiring, innovative ideas that I expect will steer the future of this industry. Whether discussing marketing or the pharma industry — or something completely off-topic, as they'll do now and then — you'll find them there discussing what inspires them, drives them, and fuels their creativity.
A New IntouchSol
When you visit Intouch Soul you’ll see it's housed within our larger (shiny! new!) agency website, Our approach with the redesigned was to create a showpiece for what the agency offers. User-centric design? Check. Innovative technologies? Check. Deep content, and the latest in emerging media? Check. Check.
The website focuses on sharing the knowledge and insights Intouch has gained from more than a decade of leadership in pharmaceutical and health care marketing.
With both the Intouch Soul blog and the website, we had a lot of fun doing all the things many of our regulated clients cannot.
And yes - it's mobile optimized! >>>>
Sorry - you're still stuck with me and ePharma Rx. You’ll still see me blogging here, but you’ll see me over there, too, along with a variety of new faces and voices I can't wait for you to meet.
When you have a minute, check out the new blog and the new website, plus these additional resources:
> Website press release
> Blog welcome post
Thanks for caring and endulging me this bit of propagada. And, as always,we're excited to hear your feedback! read more..

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