Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Excellent Health-Lower Back Pain-Stressful Jobs-Heart Attacks-Prolia

Stressful Jobs Linked to Heart Woes in Women

THURSDAY, July 19 -- Women with demanding jobs that provide few opportunities to make decisions or use their creativity are at increased risk for heart attacks, according to new research.For the study, researchers analyzed data provided by 22,000... read more..

prolia injection

I received my first prolia shot 3 weeks ago. At first I felt fine. Lately, I have severe leg, arm, and lower back pain. I exercise an hour a day and I am in excellent health. I am wondering if these reactions will ever disappear or lessen. It is exagerated at night in bed. Please let me know if these pains will go away? - Filed in Prolia - 3 Replies read more..

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