Saturday 26 May 2012

Advanced Breast Cancer-Pregnant Women-Preterm Birth-Older Adults

Fewer Stillbirths Among Pregnant Women Vaccinated Against Flu

FRIDAY, May 25 -- Pregnant women who received a flu shot to protect them against the H1N1 swine flu virus had a significantly reduced risk of stillbirth, preterm birth and of having a baby small for gestational age, according to a new study.The... read more..

Fitness May Boost Survival for Women With Breast Cancer

FRIDAY, May 25 -- Women with advanced breast cancer who have higher levels of fitness during treatment tend to live longer than women with lower levels of fitness during treatment, new research finds.Treatments for breast cancer can weaken women's... read more..

Exercise Helps Older Adults Stay Fit

SATURDAY, May 26 -- People tend to exercise less as they grow older, but keeping physically active is essential for remaining healthy and independent, an expert says."Exercise is important for almost everyone. There are very few medical conditions... read more..

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