Tuesday 17 April 2012

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Is It Save To Take Pentrexyl Wile Breast Feeding?

i have swollen tonsils and i been running a fever so i being taking Tylenol extra strength and im breast feeding my baby so i was feeling really bad that i took 2 Tylenol pills and a pentrexyl but i wonder if it has any side effects on my 5 month old baby? - Filed in Tylenol - 1 Reply read more..

Benzo Withdrawal

If I buy a s***load of benzo's and take them everyday and run out, im in the methadone clinic and the methadone pretty much takes any withdrawal away. Then again you would have to be in the methadone clinic. I dont drink, smoke pot, or anything else. I just like my benzo's a couple times a month and if I ever over do it I get my methadone to save my a** - Filed in Methadone - 1 Reply read more..

Health Tip: Is That Bump a Bunion?

-- When you walk, the joint at the base of the big toe supports a lot of the body's weight. So when bunion forms at that joint and forces the big toe to curve toward the others, it can be quite painful.The American Podiatric Medical Association... read more..

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