Friday 13 April 2012

Symptom Progression-Multiple Sclerosis-Neurologist-Turnaround-Cellcept

cellcept for multiple sclerosis

cellcept was prescribed for me by neurologist for multiple sclerosis. Have had MS for 20 years and had symptom progression 2 years ago. Within 4 weeks I had almost complete turnaround with my MS disabilities. I could see better, was able to walk without my cane. I could swallow without choking. I speach and handwritting improved 100%. My doctor is with the Vanderbilt MS clinic. I have not been able to talk with anyone else with MS who has had such improvement. I have had no side effects. I must have CBC blood test every 6-8 weeks. Would like to hear if this is considered a break-through with other MS patients. I don't think FDA has approved cellcept for use in MS treatment. - Filed in CellCept - 51 Replies read more..


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