Saturday 7 April 2012

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3 Common Pharmaceutical Sales Business Events that Require Agile Reporting "Analytics

???When Government, Management or IT Throws You a Curve Ball, How Quickly Can You Adjust Your Swing?
Jim Thome’s recent 600-career home run milestone got me thinking about just how difficult it is to hit that little ball traveling at 65 – read more..

Doctors Detail High Costs of Fighting Malpractice Claims

WEDNESDAY, April 4 -- For doctors defending medical malpractice claims, costs vary widely across specialties and can run into the tens of thousands, even when a patient did not receive a payout, new research shows.The upshot: Patients end up paying... read more..

Amx 250

found these pills in my 13 yr olds bedroom, she does not have a running prescription nor do i ? would like to know exactly what they are and for what ? and what damage could be caused if she has taken them with out doctors knowledge ?? - 2 Replies read more..

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