Sunday 8 April 2012

Cholesterol Level-Bionic Legs-Astrazeneca-Doctor

Anaysis - AstraZeneca gets serious on deals as drugs run out | Reuters

via By Ben Hirschler and Sinead Cruise Posted via email from Jack's posterous read more..

Bionic legs helps the user walk up steps, up or down slopes

New Zealand-based Rex Bionics sells bionic legs, which can be used by people with paralysed limbs to walk. (Source: The Economic Times Healthcare and Biotech News) read more..

Aztor 10 should i continue or not

Iam was taking aztor 10 for 2 years daily as prescribed by my cardiologist.The Doctor advised me to continue taking Aztor 10 through out. He also advised me for 4 kms walk ever day.
I started parcticising Suryanamaskaram & Practiced yoga and lost 7 kg body weight though iam not overweight and my LDL and Total Cholesterol is within the limits. I stopped taking Aztor 10. will my Cholesterol level increase. should i continue Aztor 10 even if my Cholesterol level and LDL is in control - 12 Replies read more..

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