Saturday 21 April 2012

The Government Accountability Office-Regulatory Compliance Services-Outdated Technology

GAO hammers FDA for not updating IT system, using faulty system to track foreign drugmakers

The FDA will continue to rely on an outdated technology system for tracking foreign drugmakers while it continues to implement a new IT system it started on a decade ago. A report issued recently by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) says the agency has significant work left to do before it implements all of its Mission Accomplishments and Regulatory Compliance Services (MARCS) system. Until that is up and running--perhaps in 2014 if a lot gets done in the next two years--it will continue to use it OASIS system, which the GAO twice has criticized for not being able to provide accurate reporting of drug manufacturers outside of the U.S., inPharma Technologist reports. FierceGovernmentIT points out that part of the problem is that FDA has no unified, long-term IT strategy because it's had 5 chief information officers in the last four years. Story | More from FierceGovernmentIT read more..

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