Wednesday, 25 April 2012

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Nurokind Od - sideeffects

I am 32 rs old and was affected wit swine flu during pregnancy....there were multiple complications with bed ridden state for 4 months...nw i can walk bt severe pain in left leg(knee + ankle) suggested me to take neurokind od along wit shelcal and orofer ....want to know side effectes of neurokind od - 2 Replies read more..

Coming In Monday's 'The Pink Sheet' DAILY - Novartis To Withdraw Valturna But Will Keep Other Aliskiren-Containing Drugs On Market

Novartis to withdraw Valturna in response to FDA warnings about aliskiren-containing drugs - Sanofi taps Michael J. Fox Foundation to run a Phase Ib trial of a potential Parkinson's disease drug - Thiel looks to bridge the pre-venture capital funding gap for biotech read more..


i have been inserted copper t on 46th day of my first delivery i have been bleeding since then now 4th month is running bleeding has stopped for only 10 days other days i was continuously bleeding .i just want to know when will my bleeding stops i consulted ny gyni she asked me to take trapic mf500mg during heavy bleeding will it cause any sideaffects for me. - Filed in Copper - Post a Reply read more..

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