Monday 30 April 2012

Affordable Care Act-Health Insurance-Michael Cannon-John R. Graham-Cato Institute

How a Drafting Error Could Liberate States from Obamacare's Employer Mandate

Today’s Politico contains a profile of two free-market health wonks—my co-blogger, John R. Graham, and Michael Cannon of the Cato Institute—who have been waging an all-out campaign to persuade Republican-run states not to implement the Affordable Care Act’s subsidized insurance exchanges. John and Mike appear to be succeeding, and not all Republicans are pleased. But the Politico report buries the big story in all of this: that a critical drafting error in Obamacare may liberate states from the law’s provision forcing employers to provide health insurance for all of their full-time workers. (Source: Healthcare News) read more..

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