Thursday 29 March 2012

Weight Gain-Cilift

weight gain cilift

I am a 26 year old female and have been on cilift since i was about 17 years old, my doctor assures me that it is toatlly safe to carry on for long periods of time, he also says its even safe for pregnant woman.
So my question is, could i be putting on weight from the cilift back when i was about 18 i was super skinny VERY skinny 47kgs and 1,66m i put on a bit of weight and was very happy at the age of 21 being 57kgs but since then it just seem to be coming and coming, gradually, i am now 1,69m and 66kgs i have not changed my lifestyle since i was 21 i eat well and exercise (which i never did when i was 18-21) ive now started eating ever BETTER and gyming more but the weight still keeps coming?
PLEASE HELP!! im getting more depressed over my weight then anything else! i am only on 20mg once a day, another one of my friends lost weight on cilift?? whats going on! pleae help
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