Sunday 25 March 2012

Breast Cancer Recurrence-Migraine Headaches-Hormonal Changes-Scalp Diseases

Hair Care Can Pose Health Risks for Black Women

THURSDAY, March 22 -- Certain hairstyling practices can result in serious hair and scalp diseases for some black women, an expert warns."Hair is an extremely important aspect of an African American woman's appearance," Dr. Diane Jackson-Richards,... read more..

Obese Women at Higher Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence: Study

FRIDAY, March 23 -- Overweight and obese breast cancer patients are at increased risk for recurrence of the disease, a new study finds.The findings -- which held true even though chemotherapy doses were adjusted for weight -- provide further... read more..

Hormonal Changes May Trigger Migraines in Some Women

FRIDAY, March 23 -- Hormonal changes are a major reason women are far more likely than men to have migraine headaches, research suggests.About 30 million Americans suffer from migraines, and women are nearly three times more likely to have them... read more..

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