Thursday 8 March 2012

Healthy Weight-Withings Scale-Bathroom Scale-Withings Wifi

Healthy Weight via WiFi?

At the ePharma Summit conference a few weeks ago, I saw for the second time a product held up as a great example of the convergence of health and technology: the Withings WiFi bathroom scale.
The Withings scale uses a WiFi connection to store weight, BMI, and body fat data online or on your iPhone. According to the product description, "with the Withings WiFi Body Scale, you can track your progress and motivate yourself to maintain a healthy weight."
I asked my husband for a Withings scale for Valentine's Day (because we're romantic like that ... I got him a Nike Fit).
I was like a little girl when it arrived today. I quickly hooked it up to my home wifi, setup my account, and weighed myself (in clothes, of course, so I'll look skinnier next time I weigh). The instructrions, hookup, and overall user interface were all incredibly easy.
The Withings scale has a "share" option to tweet your weight every time you step on it, similar to Nike Fit's report of your morning run. Will I tweet my weight every day ? I think not. But our little family is happy to be participating in the eHealth revolution! read more..

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