Sunday 18 March 2012

Cardiovascular Changes-Ischemic Heart Disease-Vascular Disease-Brain Health

Giving Birth to Small Babies Linked to Heart Disease in Moms: Study

THURSDAY, March 15 -- Women who deliver full-term infants with low birth weights have nearly double the risk of developing ischemic heart disease, a new study says.These types of pregnancies may cause long-term cardiovascular changes that increase... read more..

Eyes a Window Into Brain Health: Study

THURSDAY, March 15 -- People who have mild vascular disease that damages the eyes' retinas are more likely to have vascular disease in the brain that causes thinking and memory problems, new research indicates.The study included 511 women with an... read more..

Deeper Voices Win Over Voters, Study Finds

THURSDAY, March 15 -- Politicians may want to keep the pitch of their voice low when asking for votes, because people appear to prefer candidates with deep voices, scientists have found.The study included dozens of men and women who listened to... read more..

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