Sunday 25 March 2012

Attention Problems-Government Report-Air Pollutants-Breast Density-Breast Cancer

Fewer Americans Tying the Knot, Survey Shows

THURSDAY, March 22 -- That shiny band of gold may be losing its luster: A new government report shows more Americans are either avoiding marriage or marrying much later in life than their parents' generation did.The percentage of women aged 15 to... read more..

Breathing Smog in Pregnancy Linked to Child's Behavior Problems

THURSDAY, March 22 -- Women exposed to higher levels of certain air pollutants while pregnant are more likely to have children with anxiety, depression and attention problems by ages 6 and 7, new research suggests."This study provides new evidence... read more..

Dense Breasts May Be Linked to Cancer Recurrence

THURSDAY, March 22 -- Breast cancer is more likely to recur in women over 50 who have denser breast tissue, researchers report, noting that doctors should take breast density into account when making initial treatment decisions.The Swedish study... read more..

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