Friday 16 March 2012

Food And Drug Administration-Drug Shortages-Crisis-Usa

US drug shortages could continue for years : The Lancet

Sharmila Devi Recent shortages of critical drugs in the USA have hampered patient care and attracted much media attention. Sharmila Devi examines the problems with America's drug supply.Severe shortages of drugs such as sterile injectables that have forced physicians in the USA to practise medicine from crisis to crisis are likely to continue for several more years, say regulators and health-care providers.Around 280 drugs, almost all manufactured in the USA, remain in short supply because of factors including a dwindling number of makers of some drugs, deteriorating conditions in factories, and low prices for generics leading to a lack of investment to upgrade plants.The shortages have led to delays in surgery and cancer treatments, left patients in pain, and forced hospitals to prescribe less effective treatment, said a review by the Associated Press late last year. At least 15 deaths in 15 months were blamed on the shortages, according to data compiled by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices, a patient safety group, and the true number might be higher because many deaths and injuries caused by shortages go unreported.“We don't have any expectation the issue will be resolved soon”, Sandra Kweder, deputy director of the Food and Drug Administration's Office of New Drugs, told The Lancet. “It will be several years before companies building new plants get them up and running.” via Posted via email from Jack's posterous read more..

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