Saturday 4 August 2012

Middle School Students-Standardized Tests-Math Abilities-Menstruating-Grades

When Parents Get Active, So Do Kids: Study

THURSDAY, Aug. 2 -- Parents who want to increase the amount of exercise their children get should become more active themselves, according to a new study."It has long been known that parent and child activity levels are correlated," study author... read more..

Fitter Kids May Make Better Grades: Study

FRIDAY, Aug. 3 -- Middle school students who are physically fit are likely to score higher on standardized tests measuring reading and math abilities, a new study has found.And, the average scores went up in correlation with levels of fitness, the... read more..

Child Abuse Might Alter Onset of Menstruation in Girls

FRIDAY, Aug. 3 -- Girls who are sexually or physically abused may start menstruating earlier or later than average, according to a new study.After analyzing information on nearly 69,000 women, researchers from Boston University School of Medicine... read more..

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