Thursday 30 August 2012

Alzheimer&Amp;#39;S Disease-Living With Fibromyalgia-Mental Deterioration-British Researchers

Scientists ID 'Happy' Gene in Women

WEDNESDAY, Aug. 29 -- A "happy" gene that affects females but not males may explain why women are often happier than men, research suggests.In the new study, researchers analyzed data from 193 women and 152 men who were assessed for happiness and... read more..

Mental Skills Decline More Sharply for Women With Alzheimer's: Study

WEDNESDAY, Aug. 29 -- Mental deterioration occurs more quickly in women with Alzheimer's disease than in men with the devastating brain illness, a new study finds.British researchers conducted a meta-analysis of 15 published studies of Alzheimer's... read more..

Health Tip: Living With Fibromyalgia

-- Fibromyalgia is a little-understood disorder that causes pain and other symptoms throughout the body.The website offers these suggestions for better living with fibromyalgia:Get plenty of sleep.Exercise as much as you can.... read more..

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