Monday 18 June 2012

Motivational Interviewing-Telephone Calls-Pharmacists-Adherence-Medicine

Pharma, adherence and motivational interviewing

Précis:  Andrew Tolve explores how the technique of motivational interviewing can improve adherence rates Every day, patients around the globe receive telephone calls from pharmacists and nurses informing them that they’re late refilling their medicine. And every day, those pharmacists hear a litany of explanations, complaints, or excuses as to why patients have lapsed: pain, forgetfulness, discomfort, or lack of pain and discomfort, suggesting that the medicine has already run its course. Whatever the reason, pharmacists suddenly find themselves on the frontline of the health system’s adherence problem. Related Content:  Special report: Patient's Week 2011 Pharma and the patient-centered medical home Image:  Primary Event:  SFE USA Premium`:  No read more..

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