Thursday 7 June 2012

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Serious Exercise May Benefit Middle-Aged Arteries

THURSDAY, May 31 -- High levels of exercise help prevent stiffening of the arteries in middle-aged people, a small new study says.Arterial stiffening, which has been shown to occur with age and inactivity, is a risk factor for cardiovascular... read more..

Healthy Diet, Exercise Extend Life for Women in Their 70s: Study

FRIDAY, June 1 -- Women in their 70s can gain more years by following advice they may be giving their grandkids: exercise and eat your fruits and vegetables.So finds a new study that helps confirm healthy living can extend life, even in the... read more..

Too Much Screen Time May Harm Kids' Fitness

FRIDAY, June 1 -- Spending too much time in front of computers and other electronic screens may cause American children's heart and lung fitness levels, or "cardiorespiratory" fitness, to decline, a new study suggests.Cardiorespiratory fitness... read more..

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