Friday 8 June 2012

Community Health Center-Deductible Insurance-Planned Parenthood-Exercise Regimen

Planned Parenthood And High Deductible Insurance - Could The Combo Be The Answer?

As a former heavy girl, I work hard to keep the svelte figure I acquired 22 years ago. Exercise is integral to this effort, especially as perimenopause looms. I turn to podcasts during my prolonged exercise regimen, and discovered an incredible resource – “Conversations on Health Care” from Wesleyan University and Community Health Center, Inc. Each week, they feature a notable in the health care arena discussing health reform and innovations in health care delivery. It is a fun listen that boosts my optimism. I am busy catching up with the last year of podcasts they have provided, and usually listen to two or three during a workout. This week, I listened to two in a row that, when combined, gave me a bright idea. (Source: Healthcare News) read more..

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